What Students Say About Relax4Life Workshops

Reiki Certification Trainings:

"Dear Neal, I want to thank you so much for teaching the Reiki I class on Saturday. I really enjoyed it, and I'm thrilled that I have a way to help people heal and find balance. I've had Reiki treatments in the past, which have been very helpful to me and my health. I've been journaling and studying the reiki materials you provided for us. You have an excellent teaching style! You're very positive and supportive, and you have a great sense of humor! I'm looking forward to the Reiki II class with you in December. Thanks again for the class!" Peace and Blessings. Janet Zarley

"Thank you so much for the experience! By far the best CE course I've taken. Can't wait to apply my knowledge!" Michele

"This class was great. I love how interactive it is as well as how easy Neal makes it to understand what's being taught. I also really appreciated how well any of my questions I have are always answered."

"Dear Neal, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the training I received yesterday. I was very impressed with your training style. You combined a bit of lecture with a lot of hands on instruction and demonstration.
The combination of both made it easy to grasp new concepts. You were also professional, yet comforting as well, which is a hard combination to master. I love that you're open to questions of any kind and aren't
offended by questions that someone might find intrusive or skeptical. I learned a lot and have already lined up some people to practice my new skills with. I look forward to learning more from you in Reiki 2."
Sincerely, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

"Hi Neal,  just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience on Saturday! You are an AMAZING teacher!!! You were born to do this-truly. Your program was extremely informative, comprehensive, and professional. I can see why the state of Illinois board for social work approves your programs. They are so picky; you practically have to walk on water to be a CEU provider for them. I am very happy I chose to re-take Reiki level 1 with you. I got so much out of it and when I left, I felt like I had received all the information I needed. I really appreciated all you put into it, and I know the others did as well. I can see why you have such a great reputation." Sharon Rosman, LCSW

"Even tho I had taken Reiki 2 before, I received so much more insight and clarity about my practice. The class felt like a very safe space where all contributions were welcome. Thank you for that."

"Hi Neal, Thank you for the workshop on Saturday.  I'm experiencing noticeable changes in energy and clarity. This feels like a missing link for me. The day flew by for me, and I'm hungry to learn more. Thank you again, Neal. I'm grateful to Bob for referring me to you. You're an inspiring teacher." Blessings, Marcy

"Thanks again for being an amazing teacher. You have an excellent program and created such a peaceful environment to come to for your classes. You are truly someone special and I am blessed to have been your student :)." Thank you! Meg

"Thank you very much for the class, and the laminate. Class was such an amazing experience, absolutely wonderful!"
Maggi Penton

"Well organized and intuitively facilitated. The space created allowed for a good flow of learning."

"What an amazing day. I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful experience during our Reiki 3 class on Saturday. There was so much to learn i still feel as if i'm spinning a bit! Its been a life changing journey so far, thank you again for your guidance and sharing of your knowledge and experience. I appreciate it all so much!" Maggi

"Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday. It was VERY comprehensive, covering a lot of helpful and practical information to take in and process. I enjoyed it very much. Neal, you always make everything so professional and you really give people their full money's worth. I am so proud to be affiliated with you and to tell people that I did levels 1,2, and 3, all with you." Sharon Rosman, LCSW

"Great coverage of everything relevant. Truly enjoyed this class and found Neal's insights meaningful."

"The class was much better than I imagined. Teacher was great and explained everything really well and really wanted to help me. Great experience."

"I'm enjoying this so much more than the Cranial Sacral levels I did-this just fits me just right. Love it. Thank you."

"Sincere gratitude to you, Neal! All I can say is this is "life changing" and my present, past and future selves appreciate you. Hope to see you for round #3."

"It was a wonderful experience. The class was very informative and the instructor truly is a subject matter expert."

"Great information and technique. Great space and scenery for the classroom."

"Very thorough, effective, connected and generous. Grateful!"

"Thanks for a great class. I'm excited to be delving deeper into the study and practice of Reiki."

"I found that the class/instructor was very informative. I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing information."

"Excellent instructor. He has enormous amount of patience, love and compassion toward the students. I've learned a lot so that I can share it with others. Thank you."


Communicating With Animals:

"Great class and Carol is very encouraging and knowledgable-experienced with animal communication. Loved all the participants!! Loved connecting with all the animals!!"

"Loved, Loved, Loved the class and my fellow students. It felt like such a safe space to experience all the emotions on this journey."

"A great class to open the door to animal communication; it's great to work in the groups and get practice! Thank you Carol! You are fantastic!"

"Great class, so interesting and eye opening."

"A nice in-depth introduction to animal communication with many practical exercises. This is a great facility with a spiritually calming atmosphere."

"My fear is gone. I can speak with animals and get educated responses. The class was hands on and easy to understand. Loved the interaction and was accepted for my gifts."

"I enjoyed all of this class. It helped me to better connect with all of my animal companions, both living and passed."

"The class was perfect. Really valued all of the feeback from the practice sessions."

"Carol provided a safe space-lots of learning in one day."

"Nice amount of mixing it up with people and so much practice time!"

"Great job, especially with the group activities!"

"Interesting class. Some new concepts, new techniques. The idea of where do we meet another being-do I approach it, does it come to me, do we meet in the middle?-was really profound. I feel like I've noticed these different communication styles throughout my life but have never before had one clear concept to explain the phenomenon. This will be a great takeaway for me."

"Carol is a great and compassionate teacher, very knowlegeable. Loved the sharing
and insights from the communications."

"An interesting experience learning about how to communicate with animals-some surprises! This class helps with human communication skills too!"

"Beautifully done Carol. I loved it!"

"I enjoyed listening to others about their animals and connecting with my own as well as theirs."

"I found Carol's experiences and advice meaningful. The exercises were well structured."

"Carol truly knows her material and is very ethical in her practices."

"Super wonderful teaching style, materials and expertise to lead a group thru animal communication. Simplistic and clear."

"I love the sharing of true experiences from Carol. Her spirit and kind manner is very inspiring."

"Great environment, very polite staff, good vibes."

"Great presenter!! Interesting ideas and topics!"

"Great class. I loved it! Carol had great exercises."

"Great information for anyone who loves animals and wants to improve their relationship with their own or help others."

"Awesome. Thank you Carol!!"

"Peaceful, beautiful, comfortable learning environment. Enlightening as teacher was awesome in answering questions."

"The instructor was well educated in her topic. She had an engaging voice and style that helped me to understand the process."

"I thought the class was informative, interactive and the instructor was clear, warm and engaging. Would definitely attend another class here."


Six Healing Sounds & Chinese Health Balls:

"John was a great presenter. The handout was excellent."

"John is an excellent teacher. He was able to present the material in an understandable way and responded to questions at a variety of levels."

"This class is perfect. Loved all of it!"

"Wonderful! Very interactive and enlightening."

"Excellent explanation on the healing sounds. Good pace and glad to have had practice time
with the health balls."

"Interesting, different, creative and fun. Great instructor!"

"John is a great teacher. Class presentation was perfection, the jokes were great. Thanks much."

"I really like John's humor and fun, blended with great information."

"It was perfect. A must do and have."

"Awesome, powerful and life changing! John's personality is very very well suited for this work!"

"Amazing info and a great atmosphere. John was a great instructor and I would love to attend more of his lectures."

"Interesting presentation on a new way of thinking and eastern medicine. John's humor made learning fun!"

"Relaxing, fun, very informative, easy to follow instructor."

"Excellent packet and instructor. Explained everything and interesting."


Energy Protection Training

"Enjoyable, experiential class. Feel like I've learned techniques that I will use going forward. Thank you!"

"This was awesome and very useful...would recommend to a friend!"

"John's energy classes are the best! Very informative and useful on a daily basis."

"The class was great! The meditations were wonderful and I learned a lot of new information."

"Nice pace, relaxing voice, good humor."

"Great! Thank you very much for all of your help, information and teachings."

"Very informational and fun too! Nice informal and comfortable environment."

"Love the visualizations and meditation exercises. Very helpful with great explanations. Thank you!"

"Great workshop. Learned a great deal about protecting myself and opening my third eye. This was a wonderful way to learn and spend the day. As always, John was terrific and the time went by so fast."

"Great job making esoteric topics practical for daily work environments. I'll use some of these techniques in my counseling practice for sure!"

"Excellent diversity on very practical techniques for energy protection. John is funny and engaging-class was well taught. I may take this class again in a few years to reintegrate information. Enjoyed it very much!"

"Good intro to alternative ways to prevent burnout."

"Awesome. Very knowledgable. Loved the meditations."

"Look forward to future classes with this teacher."

"Clarification of pre-existing knowledge in new, useful ways."

"This is a must for everyone...thank you so much!"

"A wonderful education in using the energy of traditional chinese medicine for protection and self care."


Intro To Chakras

"I'd go to another class that Yvonne was teaching anytime! She was awesome!"

"Yvonne was very personable and gave very clear information and instructions. I really enjoyed the experience!"

"The length of the class was perfect; time to learn, ask questions and then get hands on. The instructor was very engaging and receptive to our questions. I will definitely be on the look out for other subjects from her."

"Wonderful experience, Thank you!"

"Very informative, easy going, open"

"Instructor had very positive energy."

"Loved the class and teacher!"

"Superb-everyone learned."

"Great basic course-liked that all questions were answered as we went along-Thanks!"

"Would like to take more classes. Great teacher, excellent class."

"Love her! Want more!"

"Really informative. She made all feel at home and safe."


Natural Vision Improvement Training:

" The two days were an eye opener, no pun intended! I learned a lot that went beyond just the improvement of vision. I think, Carlos, you hit the nail on the head with your do’s and don’ts. I can immediately pin point my issue and it is usually one of the things you mentioned! Helpful, useful and beneficial would be words I would like to use to describe the weekend. Thank you again" Prabha

"I just thought I'd let you know things (post workshop) are going great! I am doing the palming and I found an old pair of glasses still in very good shape that are 1.5 mag so I went from 2.75 mag to 1.5 and my eyes actually feel better! I also try not to use my glasses as much as I used to. So THANKS! I think now I KNOW my eyes are going to continue doing better and better!!!" John Paul

"Instructor was very knowledgeable, intuitive and had keen insight into the unique needs and reactions of different class members. Thank you!"

"Teacher was skilled at working with the varying learning styles of all in attendance."

"Would highly recommend this. Empowering, enlightening, instructive. Grateful and looking forward to more!"

"I don't have to be dependent on glasses to see! Awesome and thanks so much!!"

"Very useful, very informative-great instructor, very knowledgeable."

"My eyesight actually got a little better and with relaxation techniques, I know it will get even better."

"Terrific holistic tool!!! Huge thanks for offering this training!"


The Mountain 10 Journey To Positive Change:

"I got several really important ideas that will help facilitate my personal change. Thank you!"

"What was most insightful to me was that remaining true to my heart and gut revealed a depth in me I had not tapped into before. And there I found new wisdom."

"The body work of checking in laid the groundwork and became central to me in the exploration. Going back and forth through the different quadrants made it not a linear process, but one that circled around and re-referenced itself. Defining my intention lead to clarity, while opening up to whatever answer came allowed me to come to unexpected realizations."

"What was most helpful was sitting together and sharing open-ended questions. Following the solitary journey of Mountain 10 allowed me to go to deeper and to unexpected places within myself. Thank you."

"The quality I appreciate most about the process is that it leaves no part of human experience and the reality of its deep dimensions untouched or unacknowledged."

"I liked the combination of the visual/reflective experience with the actual written questions. I am grateful for the new experience and it will be interesting if it helps me to let go/change/shed certain things that are not giving me joy anymore.
The Mountain 10 process as a reflection tool is gentle and non-threatening. However, for me, the strength of its work is not evident until the sharing in the circles of trust when the work I did became a vehicle of connection with others—to see and be seen is an affirmation of my own humanity."

"Thank you for the setting the tone with body awareness and encouraging us to use all of our senses to gain insight and awareness. I am grateful especially for the circle of trust. I understand the guidelines and their value more than ever. This is a practice I hope to continue with my community and students."

"I appreciated the opportunity to purposefully meander through a reflective process and then surprise myself! I enjoyed both the quiet work time and the circle of trust sharing. It was an insightful and delightful time."

"The careful introduction and guidance through the process was very helpful. The realization that taking risks and setting aside skepticism is possible for me. That sharing this journey with others is rewarding and important—observing their courage to step outside comfort zones gave me permission to do the same."



"Neal Harris is knowledgeable, unpretentious, nonjudgmental, kind and has a great sense of humor. His classes and the classes taught at his center are excellent and affordable. Clearly Neal and the other teachers at relax4Life are dedicated to passing on this spiritual knowledge base to as many who are ready to receive. " Laura P., LCSW

"I live far away and the energy of that place is cool! That's why a lot of people like to go to barrington Illinois to take classes with Neal Harris." Gabriela T.

"Neal is patient, understanding and friendly. I would definitely take another class with him." Diane M.

"Exceeded expectations although honestly, I didn't know what to expect. Instructor excellent."

"Excellent class, I loved it! Neal, you are a wonderful teacher. Articulate, intelligent, kind, and compassionate. I will definitely look into taking more classes in the future."

"Just what I needed and Neal is amazing & a wonderful teacher. Thank you!!"

"Experience with Neal at Relax4Life always great!"

"It was a great class!!:-) Keep it up!"

"Wonderful intro to quantum healing. Neal passes along important details through his observation of our breathing technique of how we can improve. Appreciated his quantum healing being given for my chronic condition. Brought about more clarity on what I can do to improve and heal myself in this area and others."

"The class was awesome! I love the breathing and techniques. Neal is wonderful, open, interactive and a beautiful soul! Thank you Neal and Relax4Life."

"Class was great! Teammates great! Instructor was clear, concise and very easy to follow-Thank you."


Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi:

"I enjoyed the energy and environment, especially the heightened vibrations and awareness.
Keep doing what you're doing! Namaste. "

"I think everything was great. The way John repeated himself, not too much but enough to
understand the material

"Great class...I loved it!"

"Enjoyed all of it. Really looking forward to part 2!" Sue Holloway

"Great for all levels of experience"

"An absolute necessity-a must...John-as usual-The Best!"

"Thanks much. Loved the questions, answers and discussions."

"Excellent! Wow, worth the time, money and effort to practice. Thanks again!"

"A great way to get started and learn about Tai Chi."

"A very good class, everything was perfect!"


Exploring & Experiencing Labyrinths:

"Beautifully integrated learning with an excellent teacher.  A very ideal place to learn."


"Neal is a great teacher and workshop facilitator. This was amazing-what a great way to get CEUs and learn about something and practice it-something I am really interested in."

"How quickly the labyrinth created insight. I assumed it would be like yoga-the more I did it, the better it would feel. This was almost an instant feel good revelation. I thought it would take weeks of use to gain insight, but instead, it was very user friendly from the start."

"Please receive my thanks for a very special Thursday at the Labyrinth Workshop. There are many gifts that I took 'off the mat and into the world.' What a wonderful day! I am most grateful to you and look forward to the next workshop."
With blessings, Mary Lynn Colosimo

"Eye opening!! The therapeutic effect of labyrinths; as a nurse, I will add this to my tool belt of healing modalities!"

"Very surprised at how connected I felt with the experience. I have a whole new hobby to dive into!"

"Neal is the best. Very informative and a great teacher. Interesting class information!"

"Informative and relaxing-I love it here! Great energy!"

"Neal was an excellent instructor. He made sure everyone understood and if not, he re-explained with patience. He made the class "fun" and interesting. I enjoyed his stories and his vast knowlege of the subject."

"Excellent experience! Thank you for providing a comfortable environment and opportunity for experiencing a meditative day."

"Great job! Very informative and enlightening. Excellent presentation and thanks for the opportunity."

"A beautiful day of liberation emotionally and psychologically."

"I loved the info shared! I would like to see/take/walk more labyrinths now."

"It was absolutely perfect. Comprehensive, experiential, fun, instructive, clear, well organized, enjoyable, nurturing."

"Interesting and fun...relaxing too!"

"Great intro to labyrinths and experience. Loved learning how to create them. The overall experience was wonderful. Thanks!"


Relaxation, Meditation & Beyond:

"It appears that a lot of thought and work is put into this class. I enjoyed participating in the meditation exercises vs. just a lecture. The included book is very helpful."

"I believe this class is essential to individuals who work in mental health."

"Amazing amount of information and Neal is always wonderful!"

"I feel as if I gained personal insight and am leaving with the practical tools. And I feel as if I can easily teach them as well. I like the book and that there are specific symptoms outlined in the table of contents to refer to. Easy to use. Enjoyed practicing the skills. Neal, you're amazing!"

"Neal, lovely! Your pace and clarity is great. I really enjoyed this. I have been thinking of doing it for awhile."

"My good friend suggested this at a much needed time in my life and I came with no expectations-but I'm walking away with many new tools to help with the daily stressors of everyday life. Thank you!"

"This was a great experience-loved the class-the pace, the space."

"Excellent, calming, clear and instructive. Love Neal!"

"Excellent variety of tools to try and incorporate into my daily life."

"The experiential exercises were an excellent reminder of some things I already knew and new skills as well."

"Love Neal's energy. The setting is wonderful, thank you!"

"A wonderful, relaxing experience."

"A great way to get to know yourself better, so you can be a better, stronger person-to ultimately make those around you better too! Thank you!"

"A full 4 hours of relaxation and ways to use tools with my clients."

"Excellent and informative."

"Very creative and practical tools for relaxation that I've never heard before."

"Thank you-it was perfect for my son and myself, powerful!"

"I think the workshop was awesome. Great learning experience."

"Well worth the money to explore easy ways to develop personal growth and reduce stress."

"Excellent presentation. Great group participation and diversity of life experience-awesome experience."

"Relaxation through breathing and movement with other added goodies thrown in! This is wonderful stuff!!!"

"A great investment of time and energy! Awesome! Thank you so much!"

"Interesting, fun, learned new stuff. Thanks very much. Love how he listened and let us share our ideas!"

"You're awesome Neal, thanks!"


Quiet Reflection & Meditation Retreat:

"The retreat was rejuvenating and calming. The Golden Child meditation was extremely empowering, thank you!"

"Wonderful retreat...Loved it!"

"This is a truly awesome experience. You guys did an amazing job-powerful!"

"Totally rejuvenating-Allows you to experience many varied ways to relax-New things. Loved it all. I highly recommend this!"

"Learned new meditation techniques-the usual guided meditations get boring. There are so many options available I didn't know about!"

"Very relaxing and eye opening. The Golden Child meditation helped me deal with having been neglected as a child. The labyrinths helped me break ties of co-dependency."

"A day well spent discovering new ways to relax."

"Thanks! What a great space. Its been a pleasure being here."

"Silence is golden, everything was great!"


Mindful Drumming & Sound Journey:

"The drum circle, drum massage and meditation was very powerful, amazing!

"The experience of drumming with other people and the relaxing effect on my body was wonderful.
Great class, enjoyed it very much!"

"All of it was good. I enjoyed being able to receive the drumming of others and especially enjoyed the ending meditation."

"Interacting with a group of individuals using only sound as well as the drum healings were amazing experiences!"

"The class was versatile enough to have many meaningful parts. Table drumming and the meditation at the end was Best."

"The entire class was excellent."

"Provided exactly what I needed-mindfulness and meditations."

"Drum healing, toning, drum massage, building rhythms, learning to feel uninhibited with the drum;
everything was great!"


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

"Content was outstanding and Tim is an excellent presenter."

"Instructor's knowledge and teaching style were wonderful as was the practical applications. Thank you!"

"Amazing. Excellent therapist with vast knowledge of the subject and able to get complex ideas across simply."

"Excellent presenter with many pearls of wisdom."

"Impressive class and instructor."

"Very effective and wonderful. Thank you for a great day!"

"Excellent instruction. Experience with evidence-based understandings."

"I loved it-the lectures and demonstrations were just right for me."

"Instructor was awesome, very informative. I learned alot and will go to his website to download more info."

Very insightful and informative-I would recommend the class and instructor to anyone interested. Thank you for a great day and all of the information."

"The instructor was outstanding! Great metaphors/analogies-very useful."

"Everything was of exceptional quality."

"Very knowledgeable, informative and not boring. Well worth the time and cost."

"I got more out of it than I thought I would. I feel very good about the class and my skill. Thank you"

"The practice of tapping, the stories shared by Dr. Hayes and the Q&A; I loved it just as it was delivered-thank you so much!"

"I thought the entire day was great. The instructor was very engaging and really entertaining too!"

"I enjoyed everything about this workshop. It was extremely well presented, easy to understand and very
enjoyable. A very nice way to spend a Saturday. Thank you Tim!"

"I feel great! The instructor was great!"

"I found the examples he gave very instructional for understanding the technique and great sense of humor!"

"practicing the exercises was excellent and engaging; I was stimulated!"

"Tim's wealth-depth of knowlege was high. He is passionate about sharing this learning/healing tool EFT!"

"The emphasis of getting to the root of issues and believing it will work. The instructor's knowlege, examples, teaching skill and love of what he does; he was great!"

"A great overall experience."

"Very informative and interesting. It was excellent!"

"Very enjoyable presentation, Thanks!"

"Good class, good teacher."

"Very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you very much!"


Shamanism Trainings:

"This class fulfilled all my expectations and more! I learned an unbelievably huge amount and yet didn't feel overwhelmed or anxious about any part which was great! I would definitely come back and time was one of the most excellent teachers I've had."

"Tim is a wonderful instructor. Very knowledgeable on subject and good at making learning fun."

"Tim was excellent! I really appreciate his calming and clear teaching/instructing style. The class was very engaging and interesting as well."

"Great class! He answered all my questions and let everybody interact."

"I absolutely loved both the workshop and Tim. He is an amazing well of knowlege and presented it in such a fun and understandable way. I look forward to taking more of his workshops. I would also like to note, I love the atmosphere at Relax4Life. It was very warm and welcoming as was Neal. I look forward to attending more events here! Thank you!"

"Inspiring teacher, beautiful space and the class is a great adjunct to the creative work I'm already doing."

"It was an Amazing experience & Tim is Fantastic as a Teacher! I look forward to the next level of Shamanism."

"Fantastic intro to shamanism. Excellent instructor! Perfect mix of dialog & journeys etc."

"Tim was a fantastic instructor and embodied fully the qualities of a loving Shaman. Very grateful for being here and all I learned."

"Tim is obviously super knowlegeable and the fact that he's really entertaining made the class extra fun."

"Great teaching, great content. Timothy you are an excellent teacher. Thank you!"

"Timothy was wonderful, facilitated well. Knew how to control adult learners so they don't take over or disrupt (an art in itself!). Loved the material, great group!"

"Powerful, enjoyable and spiritual...thanks Tim!"

"Excellent experience-a journey of healing and self discovery."

"Amazing-door opening to Shamanism-teacher very present."

"Absolutely Phenomenal."

"A great intro to shamanism. Thank you Tim! Appreciate your kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness." Lisa

"It all worked well together. A perfect balance of lecture and exercises."

"Overall great experience".

"Thank you for all of it. It was all meaningful."

"Great course, great location and great teacher!"

"This was an excellent workshop with an excellent instructor. Thank you!" Loralee Chadwick

"The quality and thoroughness of the information and the sense of community healing was great."

"Everything was wonderful. Beautiful space, excellent class!"

"Good intro to Shamanism. Excellent course."

"Great resources for learning; very positive and therapeutic."

"Awesome, beautiful place."

"Thank you Tim for giving me tools for life."

"Lovely space to learn."


Louise Hay's Heal Your Life

“I feel amazing and free from the past.”

“The workshop gives you courage and strength.”

“I now have tools to get unstuck and move forward.”

“The workshop is inspiring and life-changing.”

"I feel open and clear. Deborah's voice is now in my head in the best of ways. Her words of love have reaised my vibration."

"Deborah is wonderful! Empowering, healing, cleansing, fun and deep on a pure level."