Links To Other Labyrinth & Health-Related Sites

Labyrinth Sites:

Lisa Moriarty:
(Expert canvas and permanent labyrinth maker)

Wendy Woodhouse:
(Labyrinth products and education in Canada.  Official Canadian distributor of Relax4Life products)

Marty & Debi Kermeen:
(Expert sculpted inlaid brick paver and stone labyrinth maker)
(over 500 labyrinth photos: get ideas for your next labyrinth project here)

The Labyrinth Society
An international organization of labyrinth presenters, builders, enthusiasts dedicated:
"To support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation."

Jill Geoffrion

(Author of popular labyrinth books, information on the Minnesota Labyrinth Project)

Sig Lonegren: Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
(Site dedicated to sharing the mysteries behind sacred sites, like labyrinths, and understanding chakras and sounds with the labyrinth among other things.)

Rev. Lauren Artress & Veriditas: The Worldwide Labyrinth Project
(information on labyrinth presentations, pilgrimages, products, becoming a labyrinth facilitator etc.)

Dan Johnson:
(Stress management, self-enrichment, labyrinth screensaver and much more)

Unitarian Universalist Church, Elgin, Illinois
(pictures, description of, and directions to the Earth-Wisdom Labyrinth,
Illinois' first public, permanent labyrinth)

Holistic Health Sites:
An article with overview and links explaining the Physical, Psychological, Sexual & Spiritual Benefits of Yoga for women.
An article discussing interpersonal skills and how to navigate every day situations more comfortably, productively and successfully.

Elite Rehab Placement
A leading, no cost rehab placement company that connects substance abuse patients with rehab centers all over the United States. A good place to start if looking for yourself or a loved one.

Recovery Village
A place dedicated to providing the best treatment possible (at reasonable fees) to those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.
Full of helpful, free resources for parents and educators on helping prevent and treat alcohol and drug abuse in teenagers.

Public Outreach-Mesothelioma Center
geared towards patients getting the care and treatment needed to raise quality of life.

Addiction Resource Center
raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free.

American Society of Addiction Medicine
promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment.

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance
learn how mesothelioma patients are using Reiki to ease body and mind after a mesothelioma prognosis.  

a complete guide to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help.

online Health Directory and Health Resource.
information and devices for imaging the aura.
naturopathic Physician in California.
natural hormone-replacement therapies and cremes to assist with menopause.

Everist Nutrition-Kril Oil
information about how Kril Oil is much better than fish oil and secure ordering).