Labyrinth Leader® Training & Certification Program

photo of Neal HarrisExploring & Experiencing Labyrinths
This mandatory, introductory workshop takes place on World Labyrinth Day, which means it's an opportunity to energetically connect with millions of folks around the world who are learning about and experiencing labyrinths right along with you!

Saturday, May 6th 2017   9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.   $100   (6 CEUs)
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(Additional $5 fee for counselors, social workers, massage therapists, occupational therapists)

The next Level 2 training class for this program will be Fall 2017.

Labyrinths are a wonderful healing, meditation and relaxation tool.  Learn about their ability to help you relax, meditate and aid in decision making, spiritual guidance, and emotional and physical healing.  Explore a variety of walking and finger labyrinths, learn to lead labyrinth walks, gain insight into creating your own labyrinths and participate in a ceremony to honor Mother Earth.

For hundreds (and in some cases) thousands of years, labyrinths in their various forms have been used by individuals and groups for a variety of higher level purposes. Discover how labyrinths enhance your relaxation, creativity and spirituality by engaging different designs.

Today, labyrinths can be found at hospitals, rehab and community centers, retreat centers, parks, churches, public and private schools, colleges, corporations, and homes throughout North America. For over 20 years, they have been prominently featured in both local and national media.

This workshop is led by labyrinth expert Neal Harris.

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Lots of people walking a labyrinth

Relax4life offers a training and certification program for professionals and
lay people to learn to lead group labyrinth walks, mini workshops and full
day workshops.

This training series will prepare you to introduce others to the labyrinth in
a professional and effective manner. The training consists of their history,
symbolic meaning, meditative walking and ceremonial use. It also includes
an overview of how to build/create different labyrinth designs both indoors
and outdoors.

You will learn to lead group labyrinth walks in a variety of settings with
various populations including therapy offices, churches, hospitals, retreat
centers, schools, corporate meetings and more.

This training will give you the knowledge, tools and certification to add
labyrinth workshops, events and consultations to your current area of
expertise and activities.

The next Level 2 training class for this program will be Fall 2017.

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