Renting Relax4Life Center

5 Acres & Pond To Explore:
people walking R4L's outdoor Cretan labyrinth  R4L's meditation gazebo overlooking pond  R4L's waterfall  R4L's deck
         Walking Labyrinths           Meditation Gazebo                  Waterfall                    Deck                  
Inside The Foyer & 1000 Square Foot Carpeted Seminar Room:

R4L's foyer areaseminar room
Relax4Life Center offers a tranquil, nature-rich, fragrance and smoke-free space to hold smaller workshops, presentations, conventions, board meetings etc. for up to 25 people (including staff and presenters).  Besides the 1000 square foot carpeted seminar room overlooking the grounds, waterfall, labyrinths and pond, there is also a smaller carpeted space (foyer) off the main entrance that can be used for refreshments, merchandise for sale, breakout groups etc. 
During the warmer months, the wood deck can also be used for workshops and groups. It overlooks the grounds with plenty of room for the eyes and body to roam.  The center has on the premises a Meditation Gazebo, Waterfall and Three Outdoor Walking Labyrinths.

Daily Rental is $250 (up to 8 hours). 
Half-day rental is $150 (up to 4 hours).

Call 847-842-1752 or e-mail to check availability.

Click Here to see a sample of our rental agreement. Once you've checked availability with Relax4Life, and dates and times have been agreed upon, we will forward a rental agreement to you with the information specific to your rental.

Please Note:  Similar to renting a space in a conference room of a hotel, the renter of our space is responsible for all promotion and registration for the rental event.  We look forward to providing our sacred, nature-rich space for your upcoming workshop, meeting or event.