A finger labyrinth or lap labyrinth, is a labyrinth design, carved in wood, that you trace with your finger. It functions in much the same way as a full-size walking labyrinth, (to further relaxation, meditation and prayer) except that the user traces the path to the center using their finger rather than their feet. For many, this combination of movement (tracing the path) with introspection (eyes closed), is a more relaxing way to meditate or pray. For those whose meditation or devotional practice seems demanding or sporadic, finger labyrinths provide a unique way to bring renewed vitality and meaning to these activities. Since 1997, we have carved our finger labyrinths using 3 materials; sealed and clear-finished hardwood maple, compressed wood, (also known as MDF) and rugged and colorful plastic for those environments (schools, religious/spiritual organizations, hospitals, rehab centers etc.) where frequent sanitizing between uses is required.

Finished Maple:

Having a smoother finger path than the plain compressed wood, our sealed and clear finished hardwood maple designs are ideal for those environments where being able to lightly clean/sanitize (using gentle soap and water) between uses is important such as in a hospital, nursing home, elementary school etc. If heavier sanitizing is required, our plastic designs are a better choice. Many people also enjoy the natural wood grain that beautifully shows through in this material. If you're looking for a beautiful, functional piece of art, this finished material is your best choice. On the back, they all have a notch for hanging and engraved suggestions for use.


Having smooth finger paths, this colorful, durable and highly sanitizable material is perfect for locations that require cleaning or sanitizing between uses such as schools, churches, synagogues, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, shops etc. They are also great for outdoor use and permanent indoor/outdoor display.

Compressed Wood:

The finger paths in the compressed wood designs have a light sandy texture, especially appealing for those looking for a more tactile experience while finger walking. Finger labyrinths in this material can be comfortably used as is or can be stained or painted with a water or oil base stain or paint; The choice is yours. Compressed wood is made from recycled wood products and therefore is a wonderful "green living" alternative to harvesting additional trees.

Notes on staining or painting compressed wood:

Think of compressed wood as raw wood material. It will therefore soak up stain like raw wood does and you may have to use a few coats beyond the first in order to get an even look. The stain will lessen to a degree the depth of the finger paths, so it’s important to keep that in mind. You may also choose to use an acrylic sealer either alone or atop stain or paint. This also needs to be done carefully to preserve comfortable finger depth. This would be helpful if you’re looking to sanitize the labyrinth between uses (such as in a sunday school or hospital situation). Another reason to seal it is if it's going to be kept outside, such as attached to a post at the entrance to an outdoor walking labyrinth at a church, hospital, school or park. Sealing it will help protect it from the elements but not indefinitely.

Note: We recommend our plastic designs if the labyrinth is intended for outdoor use/display.